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Logo Co-Branding: The preferred co-brand signature is now “Touchstone Energy Cooperative.” The “Touchstone Energy Partner” verbiage has been moved to the appendix as a legacy co-brand. If you use the “partner” verbiage on your website, print materials, clothing, signage, or other co-branding, you may continue to do so. We strongly encourage cooperatives to begin using “Touchstone Energy Cooperative” in lieu of “Touchstone Energy Partner.”

Colors: The color codes have been corrected and updated. Please use the color codes as they appear on this page for the appropriate applications. Modifying the color codes or using the wrong application (print vs. digital vs. PMS) will result in colors that are not the correct brand colors.

Color Applications: It is no longer acceptable to recolor the Touchstone Energy logo or co-brand logo to any single color other than black or white. It is also no longer acceptable to change individual elements of the logo (the “amigos”/text) to contrast a specific background color. If any part of the logo is not legible on a specific background color, please use either the all white or all black logos.

Fonts: In addition to the logo font (Goudy Old Style), Touchstone Energy uses two other fonts on a regular basis for the majority of advertising and design. Oswald and Modum can be downloaded from the graphics standards website. There are a number of advertising typography guidelines that Touchstone Energy uses outlined as well.

Video: This section covers new guidelines for tagging videos – including usage of the “Touchstone Energy Effect” and the basic fade to black effect.

Web and Digital: This section covers new web and digital guidelines and brand standards – including minimum pixel sizes, resolution guidelines, and flash banner tagging.

If you have questions, please contact us!

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