Integrated Brand
In this version, the cooperative logo is combined with the Touchstone Energy logo into a single logo unit.

Endorser Brand
In this version, both the cooperative logo and the Touchstone Energy logo appear separately and are not a single logo unit. They may appear side-by-side or the Touchstone Energy logo may appear below the cooperative logo or in this case on the sleeve of a shirt.

Co-branding is recommended wherever there is cooperative branding. The Touchstone Energy logo and cooperative logo should either appear as integrated (one logo unit) or as Endorser (separately).

Integrated Branding
  • Apparel Requirements
  • If the co-branded logo does not fit within a certain area, please place the co-brand in a different area instead of making it smaller (ex: polo shirt sleeve, back of shirt, opposite chest).
  • Co-brand should never be smaller than 2 inches wide (including graphic).
  • Co-brand can be in single color if matching the background fabric color or single color logo for the cooperative, when embroidered.
  • For all appliquĂ©s, screen prints, or other non-embroidered branding on clothing, please follow logo guidelines.
Endorser Branding